After Last Call…Or How to Make a Play in 24 Hours

After Last Call…Or How to Make a Play in 24 Hours

Hello friends!
As most of you may know, I recently graduated from The University of The Arts. As soon as I walked across that stage, I dove head-first into creating the kind of work I am passionate about, and I wanted to tell  you about the biggest and most exciting thing I'm working on right now!

This fall (Oct. 6th-7th), my good friend Eleanor Safer and I are co-producing a neighborhood 24 hour play festival titled After Last Call…Or How to Make a Play in 24 Hours. I'll be serving as artistic director to this project, which I've been wanting to make happen for a couple years now.

At 7pm on Friday October 6tha large group of artists will gather to take on the challenge of creating, directing, and memorizing a 10 minute play in just 24 hours. We will then split participants into four groups, each made up of a playwright, director, and two to three actors, and send them off to make something awesome. Each group will set up camp in a nearby home donated to us for the night by our neighbors, with a local performance venue serving as After Last Call headquarters. This is where participants will report throughout the night for curveballs, coffee, and artistic shenanigans. For more information, the website to our project can be found by clicking here. 

At the end of it all, we’ll be presenting these plays to the public and donating all profits to Rainbow Railroad, an organization that helps LGBTQ individuals in places where they are an open target for violence. You may have heard about RR the most due to their efforts to help LGBTQ refugees from Chechnya, where actual “Gay Concentration Camps” currently exist. If you're interested, you can learn more about them by visiting their website here.

We can't do this without help though! To make this happen, we’ve budgeted $3,500. Most of this budget will go toward paying at least a small stipend to the actors, technicians, directors, and playwrights involved in the festival.  As artists ourselves, we think paying fellow artists is very important--you wouldn’t ask a plumber to do their job for free. The rest of the money will rent us a space, purchase breakfast and lunch for the people involved (when you go 24 hours sans sleep, you need food!), allow us to film the final product, and cover other miscellaneous production costs. After the show's expenses are paid, ALL money goes toward the Rainbow Railroad.

If this sounds at all interesting or exciting to you, we'd appreciate you checking out our Indiegogo campaign by clicking herewhere we're raising money for this project. We're really getting down to the wire--there's only about 20 days left of the campaign, so check it out as soon as you can! Just $3 funds one minute of our 24 hour festival, so no amount is too small!

Randi Alexis Hickey